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“ Organisaties laten floreren door mensen te laten excelleren ”


In my working life I want to improve businesses. To achieve this goal I've worked on getting a good understanding of the dynamics within businesses and between businesses and their consumers. In my current job I use this knowledge and experience to help organizations reach their goals.

My greatest weakness is that I strongly dislike standardized approaches without taking differences in organizations into account. My strength is that I'm highly motivated to keep up with trends and opportunities. This makes me especially good at discovering opportunities for organizations to excel in the modern world.


Dennis Bloeme




+31 6 15 898 491

“Nothing works unless you do. ~ Maya Angelou”


House of Performance - 2014 - present
Organizational specialist

In my role as organizational specialist I advice and support organizations in improving their business. At House of Performance we take a holistic approach to organizational change. I look at the governance, processes, behavior, leadership, and the interdependence of these factors within a company. This approach earned us the title "hyperspecialist in change'.

TNO - 2011 - 2014

In my time at TNO I did research and gave advised on different subjects. Examples of projects I was part of: - Creating a training to improve influencing skills in military officers; - Improving the use of social media by emergency organizations; - Using gaming in training situations; - Improving profiling competences in security professionals; - Measurement and improvement of 21st century skills in low level employees.

Dutch Centre for Social Innovation (NCSI) - 2010 - 2011

As a trainee I took part in projects to connect organizations at the forefront of workplace innovations to each other and lagging organizations.

The main themes in my employment are change and innovation. I started out as a trainee in an organisation aimed at connecting innovative companies to each other and share lessons learned with each other and other companies.

After my time at NCSI I got a job at TNO. TNO is the largest Dutch research firm. Their goal is to stimulate innovation in Dutch society. My job was to advise organizations and research subjects like behavioral change, social media use, and new ways of working.

“These courses give me a special edge!”


Certified Lean Green Belt (2014)

International Independent Board for Lean Certification (IIBLC)

Innovation in a Digital World (2015)

Institut Mines-Télécom (Coursera)

Strategic Management (2016)

Copenhagen Business School (Coursera)

Strategy Implementation (2016)

Copenhagen Business School (Coursera)

The Challenges of Global Poverty (2013)

MITx (edX)

Internet Marketing (2013)

Internet Marketing Netherlands

Mini MBA (2011)

Nyenrode Business School

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